perspectives of the peninsula around the "Maya Train"

A journey into the history and natural grandeur of the Yucatan Peninsula as the construction of the "Tren Maya" opens its way through the heart of the Maya territory.

EL TREN Y LA PENINSULA is a deep dive into Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula as the 1500 km railroad megaproject called "Tren Maya" is being built.

A cinematic journey along the projected route of the train takes us on a thrilling ride across the Peninsula.
Through the fascinating stories and reflections of its inhabitants, the documentary unravels the environmental and social consequences of the development model imposed on the region.
The incisive and transparent testimonies of the inhabitants of the Peninsula weave together a collective story and reveal a human landscape full of vitality and wisdom that exposes the clash between different ways of imagining progress.

An urgent film that unveils the worlds hidden behind the tourist paradise that everyone knows, delving into the ideological and territorial battles unfolding in the ancestral land of the Maya.


Genre: Documentary
Year: 2023
Duration: 88 min
Language: Spanish, English, Maya
Production: Dos Tohs, Mutual Aid Media